How To Deal With Negativity- Helpful Tips

How to deal with negativity

What is negativity?

Have you ever questioned yourself ‘ why you are feeling low? or why you are feeling lonely? This is normal which can happen to everyone. Life is full of ups and downs. When something bad is happening to you then we start thinking negatively. Negativity includes anger, fear, helplessness, jealousy, or bad thinking. Example: If you are going for an interview, you get a thought like ‘What if I won’t be able to speak in front of the interviewer?’, what if the interviewer doesn’t like my resume? These all are negative thoughts. It can disturb your mental health. Hence it is important to keep negative thoughts away from your mind. When you have full control over your mind and life, you experience positivity all around you. Here are some tips to free your mind from negativity and unnecessary thoughts.

Create Your Own Happiness

We always try to find happiness outside. But happiness starts with you and also ends with you. Your family, education, job, money, or relationships- nothing makes you happy. Your own thoughts and how you look towards anything are responsible for your happiness. When you are sad, you let negativity suppress your thoughts. Then you do not even understand why it is happening. Hence always chose happiness by yourself. If you don’t find it then create it but always be happy.

Be Yourself

You always compare yourself with the external world. This will restrict your natural growth. Live your life the way you want to live. Don’t think about other people. Do what you want to do. Don’t let others control your life. It’s good to be your true self.


Accept Bad Situations

Life is like a roller coaster. Life has its Ups and downs. A human can’t expect to live a life without any problems. Learn to be strong when you are going through a tough time in your life. Always thank your situation and say ‘ Whatever happens, happens for the good’. Enjoy your good time and also accept your bad time. If you start thinking about good things and special people in your life, then you would only feel as blessed.  Don’t assume anything. Be satisfied with what you have.

Make Mistakes And Learn

Making mistakes is not the wrong thing. When you make mistake, next time you will learn to make the right decisions from it. Only your mistakes teach you to make good decisions. The ones who do not afraid of making a mistake is good decision-maker. They are not like other people who do not want to try just because they are too afraid of losing.

Avoid Worst thoughts

You can control your mind. You have the right to make a choice- what should enter inside your mind and what should not. If you want to avoid negativity, then you have to stop negative thoughts from entering your mind. Keep yourself away from negative people and negative information. If you are watching serials that include fights, negativity and you are not feeling good or refresh after watching, then stop immediately. Engage yourself with another interesting task which you like to do.


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