How To Make Good Impression At Office On First Day

How to make good impression at office on first day

The first day at the office is a little bit scary and confused. You are going to start a new journey with new work, a new place, and new people. You may feel like your boss or your colleagues are judging you. Also, you will have some pressure that how you are going to handle it and at that time you will start thinking like – ” How to impress others at the workplace?”, “How to communicated with the boss?”, “How to introduce yourself ?”. So following are some tips to make a good impression at the Office on the first day.

Introduce yourself

The introduction is an important part of making a good impression at the office. Always prepare yourself for an introduction. You can also mention your previous work experience or events on which you have already worked on. Don’t be afraid like someone is judging you rather than feel free and confident while introducing yourself.

Ask help if require

If you feel like you are stuck somewhere and you need help then do not hesitate to ask. Don’t think about your issue while doing the task, the issue may be small or big, asking is far better than avoiding and wasting time. If you want to work without any struggle then ask for help from your colleagues.

Be positive

Everybody gets tensed on the first day at the office. Instead of getting tensed try to be positive. If you feel nervous then you get confused and lose confidence. Take initiative and speak up.

Follow rules

There will be some rules in the workplace. You have to follow those rules. Apart from the company privacy policy, there will be some unwritten rules like’ Do not have a meal at the desk’, ‘Do not waste water’, Throw waste in dustbin only’,’ Do not waste food’, ‘Be professional’ etc. If you are confused then do ask someone but don’t break any rule.


Prepare for overtime or for any shift

You can not avoid any shifts like morning, afternoon, or night shifts. You have to accept any shift. On the first day if you are saying NO for overtime or for any shift then it will make a bad impression and your boss will think that you are not at all compatible with this work.

Don’t share personal things

Do not directly trust your colleagues or boss. You can share but with some limits. No matter how nicely your colleague is talking. Be professional. Do not share the information that can misuse in the future like password sharing for your PC or for any application.

Do not forget names

At work when you are introducing yourself, listen carefully, and memories their name also. You will meet new people in the workplace so it is important to memories their name. You can not ask their name again and again.

Accept invitation

If Your boss or colleague asking for lunch, dinner, tea, or coffee and you are comfortable with them then you can spend time with them. You may get some extra knowledge or opportunity.

Keep Smiling

Always keep smiling as a ‘first impression is the last impression’. Smiling or happy face helps to build the first impression on your client, colleagues, and boss too.

I hope these tips are helpful. You can share your ( First day at office ) experience.

Thank You. Keep smiling and keep working 🙂