IIIT Delhi Free Summer Internship


IIIT Delhi is providing free summer internship for the students. In this program, every faculty members invest their efforts and time each year in real-time projects. There is some project on which you can work and learn also. One student can apply for a maximum of 3 projects.

Start Date to apply : 24th Feb 2021
Last Date to apply : 31st March 2021.
Result Date : 15th April 2021
Internship start Date : 6th May 2021

How to Apply for internship ?

  • You can follow the details of the project openings are listed below.
  • Click on https://www.iiitd.edu.in/internship/login.php
  • Log in with your Google account
  • Fill the registration form. If you need a hostel then select the checkbox accordingly.
  • For hostel booking details, then please click on (https://www.iiitd.ac.in/placement/internship-details)
  • You can apply for any project, for that you have just click the apply button
  • Done
  • The Students who are selected for the IIIT-Delhi summer internship will be receiving a stipend of 5k per month.

Following are Summer Internship Projects 2021-2022 at IIIT-D

1.Project Name – Virtual endoscopy
Faculty Name – Ojaswa Sharma
Duration – 2 Months
Project Detail – Medical imagining application to create photorealistic inside views of the human body using radiological imaging.

2.Project Name – XR shape modelling
Faculty Name – Ojaswa Sharma
Duration – 2 Months
Project Detail – Free form 3D Shape modelling in extended reality (AR/VR).

3.Project Name – Camera optimization for capturing dynamic scenes
Faculty Name – Ojaswa Sharma
Duration – 2 Months
Project Detail – Real-world geometry can be captured and reconstructed using multi-view stereo algorithms. This project will explore camera pose optimization for dynamic scenes (i.e, those with moving objects in addition to static objects).

4 .Project Name – Social network analysis + NLP
Faculty Name – Tanmoy Chakraborty
Duration – 2-3 Months
Project Detail – Various aspects of social media analytics.

5. Project Name – Combinatorics
Faculty Name -Samrith Ram
Duration – 2 Months
Project Detail – Algebraic Combinatorics.

6. Project Name – Building Novel Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality applications
Faculty Name -Aman Parnami
Duration – 3 Months
Project Detail – We are looking for students to work on design and development of novel augmented and virtual reality systems. Students maybe asked to make games, or interactive applications for education. The students should be able to prove competency through an online portfolio in at least one of the following areas: 1. Javascript (experience with React.js, Three.js, Node.js is preferable.). 2. Tensorflow library from Google or equivalent. 3. Unity3D 4. iOS or Android development.
Selected students will have the chance to work on a cutting-edge research project to be published in world’s best conferences or release their work on App store/Google Play store or for a fundraising campaign.
We offer the best HCI research environment in India and world-class infrastructure with latest gadgets such as Oculus Quest 2 and iMac workstations.


7.Project Name – Multimedia and AI for Social Good
Faculty Name – Rajiv Ratn Shah
Duration – 2 Months
Project Detail – Multimedia and AI for Social Good.

8. Project Name – Engagement analysis using EEG Signals and Machine Learning
Faculty Name – Jainendra Shukla
Duration – 3 Months
Project Detail – The aim of the project is to evaluate attention level among using EEG signals and Machine Learning.

9. Project Name –Scalable Vehicle Detection on Edge Devices
Faculty Name – Arani Bhattacharya
Duration – 3 Months
Project Detail – The safety of smart cities can be improved by identifying vehicles that are violating traffic rules. While a lot of work has been done to design computer vision based algorithms for such detection, they do not currently scale well if done on a city-scale. The goal of this project is to make such algorithms scalable, by identifying ways of reducing the compute or using more intelligent scheduling of jobs on edge devices. This requires interest in systems work as well as some basic understanding of algorithms and computer networks.

10. Project Name – Reinforcement Learning for Algorithmic Trading
Faculty Name – Gourab Ghatak
Duration – 2 Months
Project Detail – The MAB problem is a sequential decision-making framework where an agent chooses one or multiple actions, from a set of actions, based on the feedback of rewards from the previous choices. The MAB framework has found applications in the field of randomized clinical-trials, online recommendation systems, computational advertisement, and wireless communications. Advances in computational, storage and communication capacity have also led to the rapid advancement of deep-learning including deep-reinforcement learning (deep-RL) solutions.
In this project, the student will explore bandit frameworks for algorithmic trading and propose novel bandit algorithms tuned for algorithmic trading. In particular, algorithmic trading consists of mechanisms enabling automated execution of pre-programmed trading instructions by taking into account variables such as time, price, and volume. Thus, the aim is to leverage the speed and computational resources of computers relative to human traders.

For more project, Please refer https://www.iiitd.ac.in/placement/summer-internships