Infosys Mysore Food Court Facility

Infosys Mysore Food Court Facility

Infosys Mysore campus is one of the biggest campuses in the world. There are 8-10 food courts in Infosys Mysore campus having enough sitting arrangement to accommodate all the Infoscion working or studying in nearby buildings. Let’s start to see the details of the Infosys Mysore Food Court.

You will get the menus on the whiteboard at every entrance of the food court. You will spend the below amounts for your meal.
Breakfast: 30rs to 50rs
Lunch: 50rs to 70rs
Snacks: 30rs to 50rs
Dinner: 50rs to 70rs

1. Fiesta Food Court  

This food court is near to all the development centers -DC’s. It is near gate number 2. Generally, all Infoscion with their parents visits this food court on the first day only. This food court is available 24*7 and has a nice and friendly environment and viewpoints. You can click some good photos also. You will get breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Although this food court gets overcrowded as employees, trainees and visitors come here for lunch and dinner.

This FC also has Dominos, Juice junction, MDP, Polar bear, etc. You will get south Indian and north Indian food here. This FC also provides an ATM facility.

2. Magna Food Court

Magna food court is built inside GEC2. This food court is mainly built for trainees which are nearest to classrooms. This FC gets overcrowded at lunchtime. It has a variety of caterers namely, Delhi Darbar, Pathankot, madhuram Dosa, Delight, Metro cool, Polar Bear, MDP, etc.

3. Oasis Food Court                                                                                                   

Oasis food court is located near ECC. This food court is surrounded by ECC. Generally, most trainees prefer breakfast and dinner here. It consists of Chinese counter, metro cool, veg- nonveg counters, CCD,hatti kappi, Dominos, and also the loyal world ( here you will get eatables and other common essentials ). Oasis is the best place to hang out with friends.

4. Arena Food Court                                                                          

The arena food court is located between the amphitheater and cricket ground. The arena food court is one of the largest food courts on the Infosys Mysore campus. This food court is open from both sides and provides better lighting and fresh air. You can get meals, juices, tea/coffee, and my favorite biryani.

5. Enroute Foodcourt                                                                                                          

The Enroute food court is located near the parking facility(MLPL). This food court is one of the unique food courts and is very far from GEC, ECC, and the main gate. It is mainly built for employees. You can get meals, live counters, Chinese food, etc. Here you will get good food with good taste. Few vendors are a little bit high in price. It also has a pharmacy in the basement.


6. Maitri food court                                                                                                                 

It is located near girls ECC. Maitri food court serves delicious food. It has a juice junction and ice cream counters. This FC also serves delicious nonveg food. Maitri food court is good for dinner, You won’t see much crowd here, but a moderate crowd at dinner time.

7. Floating Restaurant                                                                                                         

What is so special about the Floating restaurant?

It is one of the expensive food court in Infosys Mysore campus. The whole restaurant is surrounded by fish ponds.. This restaurant is based on buffet. Food served over here is very delicious. You will feel diverted luxury as compare to other food courts in Infosys Mysore Campus.

8.Gazeebo Food Court                                                                                          

This food court is located behind the ILP building, near GEC2. Gazeebo serves you a variety of south Indian snacks and breakfast items. This food court is one of the best food courts for idli and dosa.

9. Multiplex food court                                                                                             

This food court is located near the multiplex food court. This FC is comparatively smaller. Mostly fast food is getting serve here. While going to the GEC you can have your breakfast here.

In Infosys Mysore food courts you will get all the verities of foods but after spending so many months there you will definitely miss your “घर का खाना”.

Please share your favorite food and also the food court 🙂 !!