Student Life Vs Professional Life

Student life vs professional life

Let us try to find the difference between Student life Vs Professional. If you are starting your work life or professional life, then the most significant difference between professional life from student life is that you gain freedom or independence- now you are in the real world. It is obvious that student life and professional life are different in many aspects, but school/college does prepare you for the work environment, as you learn to be organized and to be focused.

First of all let us see what is Student Life ?

Student life is the most joyful period in the life of an individual. It is a life, free from all anxieties of the tough world. The student’s brain is loaded with noble thoughts and his eyes are loaded with dreams.
When student life passed then most of us realize its value. Every student thinks that one day they will start working and fulfill their family dreams and earn enough to accomplish his/her goals. We always think about our future and we do not live the study life properly. I think Student life is the best time anyone can live as I am a professional now.

what is Professional life ?

Professional life means a career in industrial or business or professional activities. It means you have prepared for a particular occupation.

At the point when we start working and the salary gets credited towards the month-end then we feel very happy. After that, we start arranging for the month’s expenses and before the month’s end, we again start waiting for the next month’s salary. After some time of working, we start realizing that student life was the best time. Although, few of us start planning for higher education or preparation for government jobs after getting work experience in the Industry.


There are some differences between Student life Vs Professional Life

1.In school/college, you have friends who share the same bench, classes with you. You study together, play together, and walk together. But In the workplace, your colleagues cannot be really your friends. You will be with people from different backgrounds and ages. You have to maintain a level of professionalism.

2.School/college is full of activities, sports, trips, plays, and other events. But Outside of college will not offer such benefits.

3.Schedule of college life depends on our state of mind and mood. However, in professional life schedule is simple and the same every day.

4.More than 100 days are vacation days for a student per year. The student can plan his vacation based on examination. However, in professional life, there are approximately 15 to 20 days leave and 5 – 6 sick leaves. Employees must plan their vacation according to the project schedule and work assigned.

5.Students usually love dressing up themselves in cool and following up the new trends and style. However, employees should be social experts in dressing. He should be dressing only in formals or business casuals.

Life has changed from – student to professional, pocket money to leaves, prepaid recharges to postpaid bills, vacation to leaves, debit cards to credit cards, classmates to colleagues, assignment submission to project deadlines, grades to appraisal, and tea to coffee.