Tips To Improve your English Language

Tips to Improve your English Language

How to improve your English language? sounds difficult for many people. But here you can find many easy ways. You are never too old or too young to start learning a new language. There are 4 basic language skills which you have to practice i.e. listening, reading, speaking, and writing. Don’t force yourself to improve it only in one day. Because your interest also matters a lot. Learn and practice step by step. Don’t worry to make your accent perfect. Following are some tips to improve your English language.


Always be confident and stay motivated while speaking. Speak as much as possible. Don’t be shy if you are making mistakes. The more you practice, the more you will become confident. Do not be afraid to make mistakes. Concentrate on your pronunciation and vocabulary. Make a routine and practice every day. Always note down new words you learn. Use them in sentences while speaking.


Read the magazine, novel, article, or newspaper. Reading is a good way to practice pronunciation. School books or children’s books have easier words. You can relate to each word While reading a newspaper, do not worry about understanding each and every word. If you don’t understand any word then you can ask someone like a teacher, friend, or any family member. Do not hesitate to ask. Also, look at the other words around it. These words will give you a hint. Always try to guess the meaning.


Listening is also an important part when you are learning a new language. Always try to listen to English songs. If you do not understand words, then find out the lyrics. Listen when you are busy with other things. Find your favorite YouTube video or speaker and listen to it while walking, running, or working out. This will help you to get used to English words, pronunciation, and how other people talk.



Without writing you can not practice anything. Make a notebook and write down words, phrases, sentences with their meaning, and examples. Grammar is an important part when you are writing and speaking in English.

Find a partner

It is very important to find a partner with whom you can speak freely. Surround yourself with English speakers where you can learn new words. Use English whenever you can. Do not try to translate from your own language into English. Always think in English to improve your fluency. Try to guess the meaning of words in the conversation, rather than looking into your dictionary.

Movie with English subtitles

Watch any unseen horror movie, documentaries, or any favorite T.V. shows with English subtitles. You can watch movies and read subtitles on time. Learn new words and sentences with the help of subtitles. This will be effective to improve your language.

Make mistakes and learn

All learners can make mistakes. So if you are making mistake while speaking in English, then do not be afraid. Rather than note those words or sentences in your diary and correct them with the help of the internet or dictionaries. Add efforts to revise it. I am sure this will help you and you will not do the same mistake next time.

Comment below if you are still facing any difficulties while speaking or writing in English.

Thank You 🙂