Top 10 Biggest Fights in Cricket History

Top 10 biggest fight in Cricket History

Cricket is popularly known as the gentleman’s game. Players play this game full of discipline and manures, but there are some moments when players become aggressive, lost their cool, and started using bad words with other players. So today we will see the top 10 biggest fights in Cricket History that can never be forgotten.

There was a match between India under 19 and Bangladesh under 19 where Bangladesh defeat India in the final. After that Bangladesh players started celebrating their victory in bad manure they started dancing around Indian players which Indian players did not like and they lose their control. All staff and members have to come in between to stop the fight and it becomes headline the next day. This incident was very shameful in cricket history.

10. Virat Kohli vs Mitchell Johnson

During the test match between India and Australia, where India was at the top of the table and they were doing very well. While Virat Kohli was facing Mitchell Johnson, Johnson threw the ball to Virat Kohli where Virat gets hit on the body which he didn’t like. Then on the next ball, Virat hit four on Johnson’s ball and speak some aggressive words to Johnson. After the match, Virat said that I don’t have any respect for anyone who doesn’t respect me.

9. Mitchell Starc vs Kieron Pollard

This incident happened in 2014 IPL where RCB bowler Mitchell Starc tries to irritate pollard with his bowling. As pollard was not able to play his bowl so when Starc bowl his third ball of the over pollard step out 2 or 3 steps and went toward square leg and left the ball. But Starc didn’t like and he throws the ball toward pollard. Where pollard lost his cool and almost throw a bat towards Starc but hopefully the bat didn’t hit Starc. At the end of the match, they both fined 40 and 50 percent of their match fees.

8. Javed Miandad vs Dennis Lillee

In February 1983. This incident becomes a headline in a newspaper. In this match Javed Miandad and Dennis Lillee almost did a physical fight, they both lost their temper. They both become aggressive but the players and umpire stop that fight and continue the match.

7. Tino Best vs Shoaib Malik

In a CPL match in 2014, there was physical contact between Tino Best and Shoaib Malik. This incident happened when Shoaib malik hit two fours on the last two balls of thirteen overs. On the next over Tino Best “bowled” Shoaib Malik on 49 runs then Shoaib said something to Tino Best which he didn’t like. Then they both used some aggressive words to each other and later they started physical contact. At the end of the match, they both fined 50 percent of their match fees.

6. Gautam Gambhir vs Virat Kohli

This was an aggressive fight between two Delhi and Indian players Gautam Gambhir and Virat Kohli. When Virat Kohli gets out suddenly Gautam Gambhir said something to Virat Kohli which Virat didn’t like and he lost his temper. Then they started fighting and using aggressive words, but

umpires and players stop their fight and send Virat to the dressing room.

5. Shane Warne vs Marlon Samuels

There was a match of BBL between Melbourne stars and Melbourne Renegade. Where Marol Samuels stop David hussy while running between the wicket which Shane Warne did not like and made him very angry. When Shane Warne came to bowl he said some aggressive and bad words to Marol Samuels and grab his collar. On the next over Shane Warne and some players started sledding to Marlon Samuels. Samuels did not like and throw his bat on the ground but after the match, Shane Warne was fined 2 lacks something and a one-match ban.

4. Sulieman Benn vs Brad Haddin and Mitchell Johnson

There was a match between Australia and west indies in Perth ground. This incident happened when Sulieman Benn was doing fielding to stop the ball and he suddenly bumps into non-striker Mitchell Johnson. Which make the conflict between them but after two balls, Brad Haddin also involved in that conflict because brad Haddin tap a ball and try to take single but Sulieman throw a ball towards him( he was in the crease so there was no benefit of throwing the ball towards Brad Haddin because he was in the crease but Sulieman was in anger so he throws the ball towards him in anger). which Brad Haddin didn’t like and he shows his bat towards Sulieman. after the end of the Sulieman overall, these players became aggressive and starting abusing and aggressive words to each other.

3. Harbhajan Singh vs Shoaib Akhtar

This incident happened in India vs Pakistan match. In this incident, Shoaib Akhtar was sledding Harbhajan Singh to play shots on his ball. Harbhajan Singh didn’t like his words and an argument and bad words started between both players. Later Harbhajan Singh hit six and reacts very aggressively towards Shoaib Akhtar.

2. Inzamam-ul-Haq vs Indian fans

Inzamam-UL-Haq was a Pakistani right-handed batsman. This player is known for his cool nature. One day he lost his cool when there was a match between India and Pakistan. In this match Inzamam-ul-Haq was doing fielding near the boundary suddenly an Indian fan called him potato from behind. Inzamam did not like this and he lost his coolness and run towards the fan with a bat in hand but hopefully supports staff and members stop him and he got saved.

1. Gautam Gambhir and Shahid Afridi

This was one of the biggest cricket fights between India and Pakistan. When Gautam Gambhir was batting, he hit the ball towards the third man and run for a single, but between his running, he bumps into Shahid Afridi, and then they both started fighting. Shahid Afridi started giving abusive words and become aggressive but after that Umpire comes in between and makes the situation normal. Finally, the match continued.