Top 10 Fittest Cricketers in The World

top 10 fittest cricketers

There was a time in cricket when players use to perform by bat and ball. Time by time, players started getting that fielding is also an important part to win matches. So now players started doing fitness to improve their fielding and game. Fitness plays a very important role in every sport. If a team wants to win a match so its players need to be fit and energetic. There are many players in cricket whose fitness helps their team to win matches. Today we will see the Top 10 fittest cricketers in the world whose fitness gave many winning moments to the team.

10. Rashid Khan

Afghanistan is a team that gains lots of respect and following by their performance. Rashid Khan is one of the fit players in the Afghanistan team. Also, he is a dangerous bowler and batsman. As you have seen his performance in IPL, BBL, and for the Afghanistan team. His height is 5ft 6 inch and his weight is 64kg. He also caught many unbelievable catches by his fit body. Every day, he spent 2,3 hours in the gym and do hard work to maintain his fitness. Rashid is very young but at this age, he has a big following and name. After fitness, he also works hard on his bowling. In IPL, he is part of the Sunrisers Hyderabad team. All his hard work made him count in the list of top 10 fittest cricketers in the world.

9. Glenn Maxwell

After seeing Maxwell anyone can say that he works hard on his fitness. Maxwell is an Australian cricketer and played all forms of cricket for Australia. He did many magical performances on the ground with his energetic and fit body. He caught many hard and unbelievable catches. Maxwell is not only a great batsman but also a great bowler and fielder. His height is 5ft 11inch and his weight is 73kg. His height gave him a good advantage while batting. He spent 3 to 4 hours in the gym to maintain his fitness on the ground.

8. Mahmudullah

Mahmudullah is a brave player of the Bangladesh team. He is one of the fittest players of the Bangladesh team. If you will see him on the ground, then you will say that he works hard on his fitness. Earlier, he started his career as a bowler but fate made him a classy and pure batsman. He gave many winning knocks to his team. He always encourages and motivates his team. His height is 5ft 11inch and his weight is 75kg. All his hard work made him count in the list of top 10 fittest cricketers in the world.

7. Ben Stokes

As you know that Ben Stokes is an England team All-rounder. He is the best all-rounder of this century. His energetic fitness made him a great All-rounder of England team. He hit many unbelievable sixes, which can make a fan of his batting. In 2019, there was a match between South Africa and England, where he caught an unbelievable catch and the result England won the match. His height is 6ft and weight is 80kg. his height gives a big advantage while batting and bowling. People said that he works 2 and 3 hours on his fitness to maintain his body.

6. Shimron Hetmyer

Shimron Hetmyer is a fit player of his West Indies team. I know you are thinking that how he can overcome Russel and Gayle in fitness so the answer is that he is the very fittest player due to cardio. People saw him playing fast and dangerously. He is also a good fielder. As you know that he was a captain of an under 19 team, from there he makes his name in the cricket industry. His height is 5feet 10inch and his weight is 75kg. His fit body helps him to hit long sixes. He works hard on his fitness to give good performance on the ground.


5. Shadab Khan

If we talk about fielding, Pakistan players come last in that list. Many times Pakistan players dropped easy catches but there are many players in the Pakistan team who maintain their fitness and work hard. Shadab Khan is one of them. He is the best fielder of the Pakistan team and the fittest player. Shadab caught many unbelievable catches in the match. He is also a good batsman and leg-spinner. His height is 5feet 10inch and his weight is 72kg.

4. Trent Boult

In cricket, fast bowler plays a very difficult role because they got many injuries while bowling but New Zealand bowler Trent boult didn’t get any serious injury in cricket. This shows how his fitness is. He is one of the fittest cricketers of the New Zealand team and caught many hard catches. His height is 5feet 11inch and his weight is 70kg. he always takes care of his fitness by doing gym and other things. All his hard work gave him 4th  positions in the list of top 10 Fittest cricketers in the world.

3. Hardik Pandya

Here comes an Indian player Hardik Pandya. If you will see his Instagram ID, he takes care of his fitness a lot. Many times, he said that he works a lot on his fitness. Hardik is an Indian cricket player and a great All-rounder. He plays attacking and fast cricket due to his great fitness. He always gives his best in batting, bowling, and especially in fielding. In every match, he uses his fitness to score runs. His height is 6 feet and his weight is 68kg which defines his fitness.

2. FAF Du Plessis

As we know that FAF Du Plessis is a South African player. He is a very fit player in the South Africa team. Many people made him a fitness icon due to his fitness. He is 34 years old but he maintained his body like 25 years old man. He always works on his fitness and does hard work to maintain his body. Du Plessis caught many impossible catches in the match. His height is 5feet 10inches and his weight is 78kg.

1. Virat Kohli

Virat Kohli is an Indian cricket player. He is a batsman and Indian cricket team captain. If we talk about fitness, he came at the number 1 position. He always does hard work in the gym to maintain his fitness. His body is very different from other players. Many fitness trainers use their fitness diet to maintain their diet. He is not only a fitness icon but also the greatest batsman in all forms of cricket. His height is 5feet 9inches and his weight is 69kg. Virat never compromises with his fitness, that’s why he is a great batsman and fitness icon. All his hard work made him number 1 in the list of Top 10 fittest cricketers in the world.


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