Top 5 Richest Cricketers of India

top 5 Indian Richest Cricketers

There is no doubt that cricket is a very famous sport in India and many players play this sport. In India cricket is like the god of sports and because of that cricketers earn a huge amount of money. In India cricketers reach and popularity is like Bollywood celebrities and they are very famous and popular in the world. Many cricketers earn huge amounts of money by playing cricket and by doing advertisements for brands. Let’s see who are the 5 richest cricketers who earn lots of money.

5. Virender Sehwag (Net worth: $40millon)

Sehwag is from Najafgarh (Delhi) and he is a very famous and dangerous batsman of the Indian cricket team. He is also popular on Twitter and Facebook. He has scored 319 runs against South Africa in the test and made a record. Till now not a single Indian player breaks his record. He runs his own school and cricket academy in Delhi. In starting he was earning $5.7 million per year but by the time he starts earning a large amount of money and now he is in the list of top 5 richest cricketers. Sehwag advertises many brands like Adidas, boost, Samsung, and many more.

4. Saurav ganguly (Net worth: $55.5million)

Saurav Ganguly is a former Indian captain and he is a very good mentor of young players. Players called him ‘dada’. He was a left-handed batsman. Now Saurav Ganguly is the president of BCCI. He has his own cars and properties which made him the richest cricketer. Ganguly earns a large amount of money through advertisement and sponsorship. He got all this money and respect through his hard work and struggle. Sourav Ganguly advertises many brands like puma, Tetley, JSW, my 11 circles, and many more. He is a co-owner of his football team ATK.

3. Virat Kohli (Net worth: $92million)

Virat Kohli is a very good batsman and a very good sportsman. Also, He is also known as Run Machine. He is a pure-class batsman who scores runs in all formats of cricket. He comes in the A+ category (It is a BCCI contract signed by a player for per year salary) and he got 7 crores per year as his salary. Virat is a part of RCB and he was the highest-paid player from IPL 2020. He advertises many brands like boost, Colgate, Gillette, MRF, puma, and many more. He has his own fashion and sports brands like wrong and one8 that provides him a large number of earnings.


2. Ms Dhoni (Net worth: $120million)

MS Dhoni was the most successful captain of India for many years. Dhoni loves bikes and cars and he has his own bike collection in his village Ranchi. Once upon a time, he was a highly paid player of BCCI and IPL. Dhoni is also a lieutenant army officer and he got the Padma Bhushan award from our president Ramnath Govind. He didn’t get all thing in one night, he struggled and did hard work to earn this money and respect. Mahi advertises many brands like Pepsi, Reebok, UB group, etc. He has lots of property and he is a co-owner of Ranchi pays hockey team.

1.Sachin Tendulkar (Net worth: $160million)

Sachin Tendulkar is the God of cricket and a pure-class batsman. He inspired many youngsters from his batting. He is a mentor of Mumbai Indians and he advertises many brands like boost, Britannia, fiat, and many more. By advertising, he earned a large amount of money. He has his own personal properties in Mumbai and Bangalore. He is a co-owner of Kerala blaster(football team) Bangalore blaster(badminton team) Tamil Thalaivas (kabaddi team) because of that he is on no 1 for most Richest cricketer in India.


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