Top 5 Programming Languages to learn in 2021

top 5 programming languages to learn in 2021 to get good job

According to Wikipedia, there are about 700 programming languages. If you are new to programming Languages and wondering What is Programming Language? Here is a simple definition, Programming Languages are similar to spoken languages. For example, when we speak to another person, we use spoken language to share our ideas, thoughts, etc. Similarly, Programming Languages use by humans to instruct the computer to perform a specific task. In this article, we are going to see the top 5 programming Languages of 2021 that you should learn to get a good job.


Undoubtedly, we have Python Programming language at the top position. The main thing about python is that it is easy to learn. Python is a fast, easy-to-use programming language. Also, It is the most used Programming Language in the field of Data Science and Artificial Intelligence. If you want to become a Data Scientist you must learn the Python Programming Language. It has a lot of libraries which makes it easier. Some of the famous libraries are TensorFlow, Numpy, Pytorch, SciPy, Pandas, etc.

With hands down We can say that Python is the right choice of no. 1 position as it uses in every field.


There is a neck-to-neck competition between Python and Javascript to hold the no. 1 position. This is the first-choice programming language for web developers. Java script is the king of front-end development. It is used to enrich the web pages and make them so interactive.

There are many programmers who think that JavaScript and Java the same. In fact, JavaScript and Java are very much unrelated. Java is a very complex programming language whereas JavaScript is only a scripting language.

Some of the popular frameworks of Javascript are ReactJS, AngularJS, JQuery, node etc.



C is the first programming language that most of us learn in college. After so many years C/C++ is still in high demand. If you want to become a system-level programmer then you must learn C/C++. It has a faster execution time compared to the other programming languages. This language is used in applications where less execution time is required like developing games, graphics, etc.


If someone is not considering the Java programming language in the list of top 5 programming languages then they have zero knowledge about the IT Industry. Java is one of the popular programming languages. Java is still in high demand in the IT Industry as there are numerous jobs. As you are aware that Java is platform-independent. Before Kotlin Java was the official language for Android App Development. Java Programming language is mostly used in web and desktop applications. Without any doubt, Java will be high in demand for future perspective.


It is very difficult to choose the 5th Programming language as there are numerous programming languages. But after doing a lot of sacrifices we are putting the Go Programming language in the 5th position. It is also known as Golang. Go Programming language built by Google.

Go is a very easy-to-learn programming language. Some developers also say that it is easy as Javascript. Go language is used for system programming, big data, machine learning, etc

So this is our list of the top 5 programming languages to learn in 2021. If you have some different programming languages in your mind please share them with us in the comment box.