Work From Office or Work From Home – Which is better?

Work from Home vs Work from Office

When your company offers work from home, Is it beneficial for you? Will you miss corporate life or will you enjoy staying home? Can phone calls, video calls, remote desktop connections make you feel like you are part of the office when you are not actually present? There are so many things which are important for work life. If you are really confused about which option is right for you then here are few points to discuss- So let’s start-

Work From Home

The advantages of working from home-

Save Time – The main advantage of working from home is that you save more time. Here you will give time to your breakfast, lunch, and dinner. You can spend more time with your family, children or spouse. You will do extra things like you can read the newspaper instead of wasting time in traffic. Start your day calmly instead of being stressed and rushed to get to the office. This will help you to become a more productive employee.

Work Environment – At home, you are free to create your work environment. There is no cubical, no corner space. So you can build your own work environment with your desk and chair, decorating with some plants, lamps, watch, calenders, etc.

Dress Code – You can were any dress that is comfortable for you. If there is no video conference with the client or with your boss, then you can were shorts or pajama bottoms anything you want. So here no need to follow the professional dress code.

Disadvantages of working from home-

Technical issues – You will face many technical issues while working from home. Issues like hardware issues, VPN connectivity, internet issues. You will not get proper support. So these issues will not resolve fast, you have to take follow up and this will waste your time and affect your work too.

Living Alone – Sometimes video conferences and phone calls will not satisfy our needs. You may feel lonely and miss your teammates, those coffee breaks, parties, and funny activities. Even though you can get in touch with your office or colleagues, you no longer have the continuous support of your colleagues and leaders.

Work 24*7 – Working from home leads to work longer hours and sometimes on the weekends. Your boss will ping or call you at any time and may force you to attend the unplanned meetings. He can assign more work to you because you are working from home and will be available at any time.


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Work From Office

Advantages of working from office –

Career growth – When you are working from the office, you have leaders, managers also restrictions, but you also have the knowledge and lots of support from your manager, team leader and colleagues. Being around creative people might motivate you for your career growth. A competitive environment may encourage you to perform better and help you to reach your goal.

Social Behavior– Having a social life is very essential. Having breakfast, lunch, dinner with your coworkers, catching up with one another, going out for a happy hour- are all positive and satisfying activities. If you are happy and satisfied you are a more productive employee.

Get reviewed – If you are in an office and you have any doubts or confusion, you can go to someone’s desk and ask them. Even you can bring them to your desk to show your doubts on your computer screen. No video conferencing, no digital board, here you can directly attend meetings, clear your doubts and take feedbacks from them.

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Disadvantages of working from Office-

Waste Time – Working from the office can waste more time. You can be stuck in traffic. so you have to schedule your daily routine and compulsorily follow that routine. Hence you will not get time for your personal work.

Harm your eyesight– Working a lot of your time in an office means that you will put a lot of strain on your eyes. This is because you have to look at the computer screen for more than 8 hours. This could actually damage your vision or cause you to wear specs too.

So now you can decide here, some people are happy to work from home or some people are happy to work from the office. It’s up to your perception, how will you take it. Both options have their advantages and disadvantages. Only you can decide what is the best option for you. I hope this blog is helpful for you.

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